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Nanjing Goldenhighway Chemicals Co., Ltd was established in 1995 and is a core subsidiary of GHW International (09933.HK), which listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The company has established long-term and strategic partnership with many world-renowned chemical production enterprises over the past 20 years. 
The company's products are widely used in many fields such as polyurethane, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, coatings, daily chemicals and so on. With the support of manufacturers and customers, the company has emerged from the fierce market competition and has become one of the important companies in the indus
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GHW E-commerce:

Chemical experts in your pocket!
This APP is an e-commerce application software that serves the trade business of the chemical industry. It uses electronic communication and network technology to achieve the electronic and network trade and provide customers with online shopping services. The application takes product and order processing as the main line of the system and uses the GHW information management platform as the data core to provide trading products and services.


Core Competitiveness

Global sourcing and sales

established long-term strategic cooperative relations with many global top 500 chemical companies

Warehousing and logistics

china has two logistics companies, 2 self-operated warehouses, 32 third-party warehouses and multiple overseas warehouses

Industrial base

3 core production bases in the world

E-commerce platform

officially launched in 2019 to achieve the electronic and network trade

R & D and technical capabilities

have a professional and strong R & D team,provide technical solutions to customers

Global instant service

provide high-quality professional product portfolio and technical services for dozens of countries and regions
GHW's global war "epidemic"- GHW (Vietnam) provided supplies and subsidies for employees

Although the new coronavirus spreads relentlessly, GHW has always been stronger than Jin Jian. On April 10, GHW (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. distributed anti-epidemic life supplies and subsidies for all employees of the company as the new crown pneumonia spread worldwide, so that every employee felt the care and warmth from the company.

GHW's HAVAY-Strengthen the competitive advantage and comprehensively promote the "3 increase 3 decrease"

Due to the increasingly fierce market competition and the rapid changes in technology, GHW's subsidiary TAIAN HAVAY CHEMICALS CO.,LTD. strengthens its goal orientation, process advancement and results assessment to further improve its competitiveness. By enhancing automation, informatization, and intelligence, improving equipment quality, improving operating procedures, time management, and optimizing personnel, etc., to comprehensively improve production and operation efficiency and reduce production and operation costs, HAVAY comprehensively carried out "3 increase 3 decrease" work:

HAVAY animal nutrition products are recognized as high-quality brand products in Shandong

In order to promote the improvement of product quality and service quality, and promote the supply-side structural reform, it is strictly reviewed by the Shandong Quality Evaluation Association, the nutritional products of TAIAN HAVAY CHEMICALS CO.,LTD., a subsidiary of GHW International, are recognized as Shandong high-quality brand products in 2019.


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