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Goldenhighway visited several colleges and universities to conduct spring campus recruitment activities

From February to April this year, GHW Nanjing headquarters actively cooperated with colleges and universities, visited nearly ten colleges and universities including Nanjing Tech University, Nanjing Forestry University, Jiangsu University, Changzhou Institute of Technology, Anhui Agricultural University, Huaiyin Institute of Technology and Nanjing Agricultural University, to release dozens of special positions for fresh graduates and actively attract outstanding fresh graduates.

Many students came to the job fair to apply for jobs. Our company attracted many students to consult and submit their resumes by setting up consultation tables, displaying booths, and distributing promotional materials.


Our recruiters introduced the company's profile, job responsibilities and development vision to job-seeking students in detail, patiently answered various questions raised by the students, and conducted in-depth communication and professional skills understanding for those with strong intentions.

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Nearly 100 resumes of fresh graduates were received through various job fair activities, allowing the company to retain excellent talent for the future.

GHW attaches great importance to the introduction of excellent talents. Over the years, we have been actively cooperating with universities. Through joint school-enterprise cooperation, employment bridges are built between talents and the company. Young students get good employment opportunities, and it brings solid talent reserves for GHW's sustainable development and provides strong support for more excellent forces to join GHW!

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