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Havay Group won two more awards

Shandong Feed Enterprise Credit Rating AAA Enterprise

In order to further strengthen the management of feed production enterprises, create a lawful, self-disciplined, honest and trustworthy market order and credit environment, gradually establish a feed industry credit system and credit management operation mechanism to reduce the cost of social information, according to the \"Shandong Feed Enterprise Credit Rating Evaluation Management\" \"Measures\", after voluntary declaration, industry association recommendation, expert review and publicity, Shandong Feed Industry Association evaluated the 2020 \"Shandong Feed Enterprise Credit Rating AAA\" enterprises. Taian Havay Group Co., Ltd. has been rated as an AAA enterprise for three consecutive years since 2018.

Shandong Provincial Technology Innovation Project

In order to deeply implement the innovation-driven development strategy, promote the conversion of old and new kinetic energy and the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, guide and support enterprise technological innovation, enhance the enterprise's independent innovation capability and core competitiveness, and enhance the level of industrial technology research and development and the industrialization level of innovation achievements. Provincial relevant units recommended and experts demonstrated that the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology has prepared the first batch of 1,606 provincial-level technological innovation project plans in 2020, and the industrialization of a green production industry industrialization of a iodic acid product independently developed by Taian Havay Group Co., Ltd. won In the column.

The Havay Group adheres to the technological innovation-driven development, implements the concept of \"leading technology to create new products\", continuously improves the automation and intelligence of production, and checks the entire process from raw materials to products to ensure the quality. The market realizes the company's product technology and competitive advantages in the market. The achievement of honor is an affirmation of Hanwei's achievements, and it is also a spur. Hanwei Group will make persistent efforts and never forget its original intention to build a world brand.

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