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Official announcement:GHW E-commerce App is online

GHW e-commerce APP

The APP is focus on the chemical industry, providing services of electronic trade on spot products and future contracts and physical delivery after transaction. It technically implements an entire procedures of market service system from online transaction to physical delivery, and build a safe and reliable financial service environment on a basis of data. The main functions: Browse and search for product information, order online, follow up the status of orders, inquire purchase records and download purchase contract, etc.


New On-line

Move your finger and place an order easily, GHW APP, a chemical service provider in your pocket!

Product Category

The selected abundant products with high quality will bring you more choices and more convenient purchasing experience.

Product Details

Various specification and packaging of products will make purchase more convenient for the customers.

Order Management

Inquire your order and follow up the status anytime to make the order management more effectively for the customers.


Procedures of placing an order on GHW APP


Register and log in.

Click ‘Invoice Information’ to verify the real name.

Select products.

Place an order successfully.


GHW APP provides convenience for our customers not only on placing an order anytime but also on managing orders effectively.


Operation Method


Click related buttons under ‘Order Column’ to view the list and details of the orders according to the status of orders. If click ‘All Orders’ to view all orders of the customer.


View the details of the order

Review the purchasing records under ‘Details of Order’, browse or download the purchase contract. Customers can cancel non-effective orders.

Customers can view the details and follow up the status in real-time after placing an order.


How to visit GHW e-commerce platform:

Download and install the APP

You can download and install the APP by scanning the QR code below:

ISO users can search ‘金海威电商’ in APP store to download and install.


Visit via Wechat Official Account:

You can also search or scan the QR code below on Wechat, follow Wechat Official Account ‘金海威’ and Wechat Subscription Account ‘金海威’, then click ‘Wechat Shop’ to visit.

Scan and follow Wechat Official Account ‘金海威’ 

Scan and follow Wechat Subscription Account ‘金海威’


Welcome our customers to download and use!


GHW e-commerce APP, a chemical service provider in your pocket!

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